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Zaanse Schans

Windmills in Zaansche Schans
Zaanse Schans
Zaanse Schans — T.A.Mannens.
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Sfaturi și Sugestii

llldianalll 14 july 2013
A must-go place, only 20 minute from Amsterdam. Beautiful view! You can explore a windmill inside, rent a bike, prove some delicious cheese, or just walk... Lovely place!
Luxe Adventure Traveler
Luxe Adventure Traveler 23 may 2013
Visit the 5th windmill for excellent hot chocolate and free wifi!
Amsterdam City Tours
Amsterdam City Tours 23 april 2012
Windmills, one of the first things come to one's mind when you hear Holland. Zaanse Schans is one of the most popular places where you can get a postcard picture of windmills and not travel too long.
Cleste ✈️
Cleste ✈️ 21 may 2012
The windmills were very pretty! Very nice place to visit!
Cenker Köse
Cenker Köse 26 may 2015
Like a village in a fairy tale... Or maybe romance characters live here...
David Iwanow
David Iwanow 15 september 2013
Try the fresh stroopwaffels they are amazing
Wins M
Wins M 18 march 2015
A spectacular view of the classic windmills. Good selection of cheese.
Thomas 26 october 2014
When you're tall, prepare to be filmed by Chinese people. The wooden shoe workshop was done by Marcel Kapteijn, the singer of Ten Sharp.
Felipe Iglesias
Felipe Iglesias 19 july 2016
Windmills are beautiful and just that. The rest: infinite ways to take money from you with cheesy entertainment. €4,00 to look inside ONE windmill? And there's a lot of new stuff passing for heritage.
yw Písmenková
yw Písmenková 21 october 2015
This place is worth visiting, many little shops, museums, windmills, nice views for perfect shots. Goats and ducks, chocolate, cheese and souvenirs... Love this place.
Sugy Kanela
Sugy Kanela 19 october 2015
Perfect place to spend a sunny day, don't miss the chance to enter the wind mills and enjoy the beautiful views. It's a must if you wanna get a taste of Holland, but be aware that is quite touristic.
Iva Milošević
Iva Milošević 12 march 2015
You must visit this very interesting village were you can see how the Dutch make clogs, cheese (also you can try) and how look real windmills.
Michelle D.
Michelle D. 2 march 2015
Make the short trip from AMS to see old school windmills and a touristy yet interesting and worthwhile slice of Dutch nostalgia.
Nasser M
Nasser M 18 september 2014
مدينة الطواحين الجميلة ،، بعد الوصول من مدينة فولندام عن طريق الباص ،، جولة بين الطواحين راح تختم الرحلة ،، تقدروا تشوفوا الطواحين الهولندية من الداخل بدفع مبلغ بسيط
Lucia Luque
Lucia Luque 7 september 2013
Impresionante los molinos, Recomendable 100% si vienes a Ámsterdam.
Renata SS. Tamiasso
Renata SS. Tamiasso 21 october 2013
Vá sempre com uma moeda de 50 centavos, senão vc não usa nenhum banheiro
Vicente Herrera
Vicente Herrera 28 august 2013
Los molinos servían para moler pigmentos, serrar madera, etc. Toda la zona es muy bonita para pasear, aunque pueda parecer pequeño, hay que venir con tiempo suficiente para disfrutarlo.
Alexander 19 june 2013
Кормите козу, гладьте овец и бегайте за утками! А еще пробуйте сыр, запивая молочным коктейлем. Прочувствуйте беззаботность и спокойную размеренность этого места!
Isa Pascual
Isa Pascual 29 may 2017
Maravilloso paisaje con multitud de molinos de viento. Un sitio con encanto que no debes perderte.
Bastian R
Bastian R 6 august 2015
Zwar ein kleines bisschen kitschig, aber trotzdem ein toller Ausflug zu Mühlen wie aus dem Bilderbuch.
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