Fotografii de Palatul Holyrood

The Palace of Holyroodhouse by jpellgen

It is hard to have regrets when you pack so much into your travel time--particularly when the weather cooperates so nicely. However, if there is a regret of mine, it is that I did not tour Holyrood Palace and the adjoining Holyrood Abbey. The palace was built in 1128 and since the 15th century has been the official home of Scotland's reigning monarch.

<i><b>Holyrood Palace. Edinburgh, Scotland.</b></i>
Palatul Holyrood a fost vechea reședință a Mariei Stuart. Acolo a fost asasinat, probabil din gelozie și suspectat că ar fi amantul ei, muzicianul și consilierul ei particular David Rizzio la 9 martie 1566, complot pus la cale de cel de-al doilea soț... Read further
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